"Quality Without Compromise Since 1973"

As a professional artist it is my nature to seek perfection and in my minds eye, the Doberman Pinscher is as near canine perfection as one can get. My commitment as a breeder is to produce dogs as close as possible to my interpretation of the Doberman Standard. My dogs are bred to excel in conformation, temperament, genetic health, sensitivity and intelligence. We have few litters at Tattersall, but each litter is planned well in advance and with a purpose... A dog that is beautiful to look at, is easily trained, healthy and long lived. The perfect canine companion. We may not have reached perfection yet, but who knows, maybe the next litter.


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We do NOT and will NEVER support or endorse the breeders or breeding of the White Doberman Pinscher.

"Best Friends"

Pictured above are: Int.SKC.BCA CH. Jasmine Du Canis Dirus, HIC, CGC (Beauceron) and Tattersall's Kyla (Doberman)

Pictured below is my own artists rendition of Tattersall's Jardi Jardinere, one of my favorite Dobermans.